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A very active organization

Created in the 80's. the UGF eases local development initiatives. The group is composed of members of the community of Gnadomboeni.

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A very active organization

Created in the late 80's, the "Union des Gnadomboenies en France" (UGF) eases the local developments initiatives. The association is composed of representants of the community of Gnadomboeni who are men, women, young migrants that are working in France, students and notables.

By triggering collaborations and exchanges, the UGF was able to go through the "good idea" in order to achieve concrete projects of developments. The diversity of the cooperation enterprises is a richness that only a large consultation can enhance. The UGF did therefore organize several programs in order to better enunciate the different local initiatives: Electrification, education, major and local roads re-engineering, culture...

The UGF creates and drives work groups that achieve technical and methodological results of past and present projects and experiences. We release information documents and technical advices to the members of the organization and also to the villagers in place at Gnadomboeni.

The UGF is an official organization that is fully declared at the prefecture of Val de Marne in France and present in the official Journal release of the French associations (http://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr).

About this website:
It was put online at the demand of the new management of the UGF. All comments that you send us via our "Contact" link will be forwarded to the management of the UGF. Therefore, remember that you are speaking to management. The purpose of the website is not to compete with gnadomboeni.com, but to help clear some points that are missing from it. gnadomboeni.com is now only engaged to release news regarding the activities of the young community of Gnadomboeni in France.It is now a detached branch of the UGF and therefore does not represent the present UGF management and projects. The group of young people from Gnadomboeni has always been able to profit experiences from their seniors and recently, the mass participation of the members of UGF at their cultural event allowed them to collect a very high amount of money, let's hope they will enjoy and use it sensibly.

The aim of this website is not to publish irrelevant articles about who married who, when and why, who had his baby etc... (there are blogs for that) But rather inform a population that is in need of relevant informations, guide as best possible, release articles regarding projects in the village and reflection regarding the future of gnadomboeni village and its diaspora.